DB Sugar #SweetCare


DB Sugar is a sugar-free sweetener that can be consumed by people living with diabetes and by the whole family.

Its main ingredient is Isomalt, it is a sugar substitute that does not increase blood glucose levels and can be applied in a wide variety of foods.

Foods containing Isomalt have the same texture and appearance as those made with sugar.

It does not raise the glycemic index as it does not contain metabolizable carbohydrates. It is a non-cariogenic sweetener that can help promote intestinal health.

It is endorsed by the Mexican Diabetes Federation.

Mascabado Genuino #InheritedFlavor


Sugar obtained from the first crystallization of cane juice.

It preserves a delicious flavor, color and aroma, characteristic of cane honeys.



-Easy close bag of 690 g; 1.4 kg; 2 kg.

-Bag with 50 sachets of 4 g each.

-Box with 2,000 sachets of 4 g each.

Piloncillo #SweetnessWithTradition


It is a sweetener of natural origin.

Its flavor and aroma is unique and characteristic.

It contains iron, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium.

It is granulated, which facilitates its use and diversity of applications.

It is ideal for confectionery, beverages and even for sweet and sour recipes.

Piloncillo is a natural sweetener obtained from the extraction of sugar cane, just after evaporating the sugar cane juice. It retains minerals such as iron, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium.

Unlike the piloncillo sold in small cones, our Genuine Metco Piloncillo is granulated, which makes its use and applications more user-friendly.

Sweet-0 #ZeroBlame


Sweetener made with sucralose (1%).

By reducing sugar consumption, you reduce your caloric intake.

Ideal for baking and cooking without losing its sweetening qualities.

Each 1 g sachet sweetens equal to 2 teaspoons of cane sugar (8 g).

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MONKIÄ #TheSweetnessOfFruit


It is a sweetener of natural origin made with monk fruit (3.5% monk fruit extract).

Monkiä is a sugar substitute that sweetens 8 times more than regular sugar.

Ideal for baking and cooking hot and cold foods without losing its sweetening qualities.Monkiä is a product that can be consumed by people living with diabetes, however we recommend consulting with your doctor regarding your dietary plan.

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AZÚCAR BC #SugarWithoutExcess


It is a sweetener made from cane sugar and steviol glycosides (0.03%), obtained from a co-crystallization process patented by Metco.
Thanks to this innovative technology, Metco BC Sugar sweetens twice as much as cane sugar (helps reduce sugar consumption).

The perfect balance between sugar (99.47%) and steviol glycosides (0.03%) in Metco BC Sugar results in a sweetness equal to cane sugar, reducing caloric intake by half.

With Metco BC Sugar you use half the original recipe because it sweetens twice as much!
More than 20 years ago we started with the commitment to offer you all the flavor of sugar with fewer calories, that’s how Metco BC Sugar was born.

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Mascabado BC #DulzuraTotal


Sweetener that yields double.
100% of ingredients of natural origin.
It preserves the Mascabado Genuino flavor.
It can be used for baking without losing its sweetening properties.
Ideal for people looking for the mascabado flavor.


Bulk: 700 g.

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