Sweeteners with no added sugar

Total sugar reduction:

A line of sweeteners specifically for applications where total cane sugar substitution is desired. Ideal for the development of “Sugar Free” or “No Sugar Added” products. Products such as Svetia 400, Svetia 100 and ConfiSweet stand out for their excellent taste and versatility.

High-yield sweeteners

High performance cane sweeteners:

A line of cane sugars that have a higher sweetening power than regular sugar, allowing for reduced added sugar content in foods and beverages. Products sweetened with METCO GENUINE high-performance cane sugar have a delicious cane sugar flavor but with fewer calories. The most representative products in this line are: 2X Sugar, 5X Sugar, Svetia® and Svetia Zero.

Gourmet sweeteners

Very specific flavor and texture profiles are sought:
This is a line of sweeteners focused on generating specific flavor profiles and textures, it includes Glass Sugar and Mascabado Sugar.

Genuine Metco®.

Inverted liquid sugar

Elimination of dissolution, filtration, discoloration and maintaining the flavor of sugar.
Thanks to the technological development of METCO GENUINE, we can offer highly differentiated liquid products. The line of inverted liquid sugar is the line of liquid sugarcane sweeteners obtained through a controlled sugar dissolution and hydrolysis process.

Inverted liquid sugars have a sweetening power greater than sugar. They can be applied in drinks, baking and preserves.

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